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The Emergent Philosophy focuses on the capabilities of each child, and what their interests are. This approach promotes the development of their self-esteemsense of belonging, and self-worth. Educators learn best about children by observing them in action, and taking note of the learning that they are experiencing. Observation and documentation are therefore one of the most important roles of an Early Childhood Educator.

Faith Day Nursery uses the HiMama Childcare app to document and share information with parents. Teachers document meals, toileting, sleep, medications and activities which are compiled into a report for each child at the end of the day. There is a weekly planner as well as the menu posted in the app for parents to view. Parents are also able to communicate directly to staff through email. Over time, the App creates a portfolio that represents your child’s growth and development.


    1920 Huron Street
    London, Ontario
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